South Pacific Marine Maintenance Agreement

The five-year service contract came into effect on March 10, 2017. Under the agreement, TE SubCom will use the Reliance cabler, based in the South Pacific, to maintain under-sea cable systems over an area of more than 28 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean. TE SubCom confirms that a professional marine crew will use its marine resources and technology line to provide maintenance services to the region. “As a result, SubCom continues to invest in our maintenance services and build the infrastructure needed to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The SPMMA agreement highlights the demand for new strategic maintenance approaches and shows that SubCom is well positioned to meet these challenges. TE SubCom is also involved in the deployment of the U.S. domestic segment of the Hawaiki submarine cable between Oregon and Hawaii, which the company says will be operational this month (see “Transpacific Hawaiki Submarine Submarine Cable progresses toward June 2018 ready for service date”). Table 17.1 shows a comparison between the two types of maintenance contracts. The SPMMA area covers the South Pacific region, from Singapore in the west to Tahiti in the east, and from the southernst point of New Zealand to Hawaii in the north. “We welcome TE SubCom`s increased presence in the region and the extensive services this new depot will provide,” said Emmanuel Delanoue, CEO of Samoa Submarine Cable Company.

“As we continue to develop and improve communication systems in the region, we look forward to working closely with SubCom.” “The Government of Samoa welcomes TE Sub-com to Samoa. This partnership demonstrates the government`s commitment to encouraging foreign investment. In addition, the deposition of Samoad`s submarine cables is a way to present itself as a submarine hub for island states trying to bridge the digital divide and improve the internet connectivity of their population,” said Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi. JULY 22, 2020 – Leaders of the four nations behind the Manatua One Polynesia Cable Project announced that the cable was accepted last week by turnkey provider and underwater wiring SubCom. The maintenance of underwater cables is a key element for the reliability of the various services offered by telecommunications operators and OTT (Over The Top) players. For example, a rapid evolution was triggered in the cable jet with manned submarines, which culminated in 1976 in the “remotely controlled vehicle” (ROV), when the SCARAB program was developed by the service providers of the Atlantic Cable and Maintenance Agreement (AT-T, BT, FPTT, C-W and Teleglobe). A selection of key references from the telephone coaxial cable period is mentioned in [6,7,8]. APRIL 23, 2019 – Google and the specialized underwater data transport company SubCom have completed the installation of the Curie submarine cable, which unites Chile and California via Google`s data infrastructure.